45,000 fans have voted their valentines πŸ’ Top 10 boy/girl idols with high votes.

Hello Aedols πŸ™‚ Celebrating valentines, we did an interesting poll in CHOEAEDOL Pick(which is CHOEAEDOL exclusive poll πŸ˜‰)!

Totaling 45,000 fans have participated in this poll which is tallied from February 6 to 12 under the title ‘Which boy/girl idol is your valentine?’.

32,768 votes were exerted to the boy’s and 12,276 votes were made to the girl’s. Are you excited to see the top 10 rankings from the result? Then let’s dig in to the result!

(Keep in mind that the double voting was possible during this period!)

Two polls for the valentines day.

TOP 10 GIRL IDOLS as a valentine πŸ’˜

These 9 are girl idols who ranked from 2nd to 10th. Following from the bottom, GFRIEND Eunha, TWICE Jeongyeon, ITZY Yeji, TWICE Sana, and IZ*ONE Jang Wonyoung ranked from 10th to 6th.

The 5th and 4th was Nayeon and Dahyun of TWICE, respectively. The 3rd was Manwol IU! The 2nd was Baechu Irene from Red Velvet. πŸ’˜

Are you ready for the girl idol rankings No.1?

Who’s your valentine? result from 2nd to 10th.


(Drum rolls)


The first is Tzuyu of TWICE!

Yay congratulations. She got 3,082 votes making about 400-votes-gap with Irene. Thank you Aedols for voting. You can also check other idols ranking on our app other than these 10.

Who’s your valentine? No.1 Tzuyu

TOP 10 BOY IDOLS as a valentine πŸ’˜

Park Jihoon made to be in top10, as the 10th and RM, Suga, J-hope, Jin of BTS ranked from 9th to 6th beautifully. Jungkook, V, Jimin ranked 5th, 3rd, and 2nd, respectively. So all the BTS members are in the top 10 rankings. Congratulations ! Kim Wooseok of UP10TION was the 4th who is the only boy idol in Top 10 rankings from the group other than BTS. Yay. Who is the first then?

Who’s your valentine boy idol 2nd to 10th.


(Drum rolls)


The first is Kang Daniel!

He got 9,679 votes and became the first! The second, Jimin got 8,937 votes during the period, Kang Daniel made a gap to the other idols of 700 votes, at least. Congratulations to Kang Daniel

Who’s your valentine Kang Daniel.

Wait what is CHOEAEDOL Pick?

It is a series of polls you can ONLY find in our app, CHOEAEDOL πŸ’˜. So there are new polls opening every week, under different titles. We are now doing new polls so come participate, vote for the idol you think. πŸ˜‰


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Valentine’s day image

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