The Top 10 Idols Fans Want to Give Candies to on White Day

top 10 idols fans want to give candies to

I know you’ve been waiting on this. Another CHOEAEDOL Pick result celebrating White day in Korea! Are you ready for ‘The Top 10 Idols Fans Want to Give Candies to on White Day’?

This time, 36,324 fans participated to the boys’ poll and 16,642 fans voted to the girls’ poll.

Let’s dig into the result.

The Top 10 Idols Fans Want to Give Candies to on White Day

5th BTS Jin(22.6%), TWICE Nayeon(17%)

BTS Jin with candies
TWICE Nayeon with candies

The 5th was Jin and Nayeon. Jin got 8,228 votes(22.6%) and Nayeon got 2,844 votes(17%).

4th BTS Jungkook(23%), TWICE Dahyun(17.9%)

jungkook with candies
dahyun with candies

The 4th was BTS Jungkook and TWICE Dahyun. Again, it was BTS and TWICE. Jungkook got 8,502 votes(23%) and Dahyun got 2,951 votes(17.9%)

3rd BTS V(26%), Red Velvet Irene(18%)

jungkook with candies
irene with candies

The 3rd place went to BTS V and Red Velvet Irene XD. You may feel like your eyes are rinsed just by looking their faces. V got 9,419 votes(26%) and Irene got 3,030 votes(18%).

2nd BTS Jimin(27.4%), IU(26.4%)

bts jimin with candies
iu with candies

The honorable 2nd places were BTS Jimin and IU’s. Jimin received 9,968 votes(27.4%) and IU got 4,399 votes(26.4%).

1st Kang Daniel(30.4%) Tzuyu(27.8%)

Kang Daniel with candies
Twice Tzuyu with candies

The 1st place went to Kang Daniel and TWICE Tzuyu! Yay. Daniel had collected 11,044 votes(30.4%) and Tzuyu collected 4,628 votes(27.8%). So on the both polls, almost 1/3 of the fans have cast their votes to them!

They actually won the valentine’s day poll too. Check out HERE if you are interested.

CHOEAEDOL Pick result 'Who would you give candies to on White day?'
CHOEAEDOL Pick result The result capture image from CHOEAEDOL Pick.

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