EXO is the 53rd Charity angel. No.1 among all boybands! |Donation certificate

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EXO got 2998 points and became the Charity Angel of February. The votes are tallied from January 17 to February 15. This made EXO be the 53th Charity Angel and rank the first among boy bands in South Korea. The number 2998 is NOT EASY after all. You are allowed to miss only two times(two days) of daily ranking No.1 in order to get the number 2998. So it means that EXO was on the very top except for 2 days(max) out of 30 days of daily rankings. Congratulations EXO! Their rankings are followed by BTS who has collected 2972 points and NU’EST who got 2923 points during the same period.

What is Charity Angel?

Every day, after the voting time(until 23:30 KST), the rankings are arranged and the person who became the first in the daily rankings gets 100 points, and the second gets 99points, 98 for the third, and so on. All these points are accumulated for 30 days until the 10th of every month, the day before the Individual Charity Angel announcement. The person who gets the most votes becomes the Charity Angel of that month. When Charity Angels are settled and announced on every 11th of the month(for the individual idols, for groups its 16th), 500k KRW is donated to charity organizations. In a few days, Charity Angel for the groups will be announced. 

They missed twice only.

EXO’s donation amount now reaches 21,500,000KRW. It is the 54th time for EXO to be awarded as the Charity angel. They’ve been awarded as angels and fairies total of 43 times now! This is a remarkable number since the first one’s record is only 4 to catch up. Congratulations once again to EXO and EXO-Ls. CHOEAEDOL support you guys no matter what!

And check out the full version of boy group rankings of February 2020. VICTON stepped up 6 steps up to the 11st and SECHSKIES stepped up 4 steps to the 7th.

So…What is CHOEAEDOL? 

It is an Idol Ranking App where fans get to vote every day for the Idol rankings. You can vote hearts that is freely given every day or that you can earn through various routes(receiving from the CHOEAEDOL friends, posting some images or schedules of your idol, clicking surprise heart boxes, or etc.) 

Idol Ranking App CHOEAEDOL ‘s donation amount is now over 144 million KRW(119,000 USD)..  Come rank your idol to a higher place and participate in the good action at the same time. 

Now it’s time to make your Idol a Charity Angel!

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