CHOEAEDOL Female/Male Group Rankings (Oct – Nov 2023)

👇🏻Here is the TOP20 of K-pop female group rankings of CHOEAEDOL. The rankings of November as well, TWICE got to the top of the ranking! BLACKPINK is in second place with 2962 points. IVE came third in 2926 points. DREAMCATCHER has come to fourth with 2868 points. Finally, we had SECRET NUMBER in fifth placeContinue reading “CHOEAEDOL Female/Male Group Rankings (Oct – Nov 2023)”

CHOEAEDOL June 2023 Calendar!

Does your idol have a birthday, debut day, or another special occasion in May? Then check it here with CHOEAEDOL’s calendar! When the idol with the birthday, debut day, 100th-day anniversaries, or comeback day reaches 55,555,555 votes on that day, that idol becomes the charity fairy. Then 500,000 KRW will be donated in the nameContinue reading “CHOEAEDOL June 2023 Calendar!”

April 2022 K-POP Idols Comeback Schedule

It’s April now, the month of blossoming. As a flower blooms, there are many artists going to comeback! In April, we have legendary bands, great solo artists, and super rookies who are making a debut in April. Then let’s check out the comeback schedule! (We brought artists whose comeback news is able to be searchedContinue reading “April 2022 K-POP Idols Comeback Schedule”