Summer Event

It’s July already!
Are you ready for summer vacation~~🌊
We’ve prepared a summer event for you!🥳
Participate in the event and get a lot of Hearts❤️

Join us with us this summer too🌴
Happy July🥰

🌊Summer Event🌊

📆Just for 2 days! July 2(Sat) – 3(Sun)

⛱️ 300 Attendance Hearts

– You will get 300 Attendance Hearts during the event period!

⛱️ Lucky Heart Box

– Heart Box containing 10, 30, 300, 3003 Hearts will fall randomly!
(Pro tip: Remember! You can open more heart boxes if you watch a video ad!📺)

⛱️ Heart 1+1 Promotion

– You can get Daily hearts if you buy Ever Hearts in a 1+1 way
That is, if you buy 1000 Ever Hearts, you will get 1000 Daily Hearts as a bonus.

Heart shop (Ever Heart [+ Daily Hearts])

Original -> During Event Period
2500[+500] -> 2500[+2500]
9000[+1800] -> 9000[+9000]
25000[+5000] -> 25000[+25000]
60000[+12000] -> 60000[+60000]

⛱️ Double Hearts on Offerwall

– During the event period, the Offerwall reward is doubled at most.

⛱️ 53 hearts for a video ad

– During the event period, you will have 53 hearts instead of 40 hearts!

– The Daily Hearts will be gone at 23:30 KST, so remember to use your daily heart.
– During the event period, if the user gets 5000 or more hearts through the heart box a day, they will not be able to open the heart box again that day, please try again the next day. Thank you

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