2021 CHOEAEDOL & CHOEAEDOL Celeb Donation Record

One last thing from 2021 we as CHOEAEDOL, and CHOEAEDOL Celeb have to wrap up is our donation record of last year. As we talk about a lot and you must know, CHOEAEDOL and CHOEAEDOL Celeb is not only a K-pop community or K-content lover community platform, but also a platform with the aim to achieve more for society with the strength of K-culture fandom. And the regular donation we make is just the way we do it.

(Click here to read about the blog post written by MIRAL Welfare Foundation (Korean))

Every time our users vote in CHOEAEDOL, not only they are showing their idols their love, care, and support on our app, but also, indirectly, doing something for our society, as CHOEAEDOL and CHOEAEDOL Celeb have been donating, in the name of Charity Fairies and Angels, for the past six years.

And definitely, 2021 was a fruitful year for us, as we have seen a record-breaking number of 155 Charity Fairies (97 individuals and groups from CHOEAEDOL; 20 individuals from CHOEAEDOL Celeb) Fairies and the born of CHOEAEDOL’s 200th Charity Fairy aka BTS Jungkook, and in total, CHOEAEDOL donated 141,000,000 won to MIRAL Welfare Foundation, our long-time charity partner. Congratulations to all the winners, and thank you very much to all the fans and fandoms.

For instance, 97 idols and idol groups have become our Charity Fairies last year. Among them, Kang Daniel was the idol with the most donations under his belt. Including both Charity Fairy and Angel, in total, he won 19 titles last year and we have donated 9,500,000 won in his name. BLACKPINK Lisa came second with 17 donations (11 Angels and 6 Faires). Our best performing groups were EXO and TWICE with 14 and 13 donations in 2021 respectively. It is also worth mentioning that more than 70 of the 97 title winners were first-timer who won their Charity Fairy titles for the first time. We really appreciate the effort from our users and fellow K-pop fans. Your dedicated support for your idols has contributed to a better society. And these four are also our recurring winners of CHOEAEDOL’s Charity Angels, with Kang Daniel, EXO and TWICE winning all 12 titles in 2021, while Lisa also won a whopping 11 Charity Angel titles.

And we should not forget CHOEAEDOL Celeb, our app dedicated to other K-content lovers such as movies and dramas. Last year, we donated 36,500,000 won in the names of 20 actors, actresses, singers, and entertainers including names such as Lee Minho, Ji Changwook, Park Jihoon, Song Jihyo, Ong Seongwu, Lee Joongi, Hyun Bin, Seo Inguk, Lee Chanwon, Son Yejin, Doh Kuungsoo, Lee Seunggi, and Kim Seonho.

Last year we also released our first-ever Season’s Greetings set. We combined goods with the concept of donation as for every set we sold a portion of proceeds goes to charity. In total, through our Season’s Greetings, we have raised 1,319,000 won for MIRAL Welfare Foundation.

We want to thank all our users on CHOEAEDOL and CHOEAEDOL Celeb for supporting their idols and celebs, and for giving your strength to help our society become a better place. We are lucky to have users like you all, and we are looking for to a 2022 full of love, care, and support with you all on CHOEAEDOL and CHOEAEDOL Celeb.

[2021 Donation In Detail]

From January to December of 2021

[For Whom]
Low-income families with disabled children / Families in crisis

[For What]
Cost for screening, surgery, and rehabilitation , Emergency subsidy etc.

[How Much]
₩ 141,000,000  (*Including CHOEAEDOL & CHOEAEDOL Celeb)

To help low-income families with special needs children by supporting their medical and surgical expenses
To help families and people with disabilities whose livelihoods were impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic

(*Including CHOEAEDOL & CHOEAEDOL Celeb)
Individuals: Baekho, Baekhyun, Chaeyoung, Chanyeol, Chen, Chenle, D.O., Dahyun, Dita, Doyoung, Ha Sungwoon, Han Seungwoo, Heeseung, Hoshi, Hui, Irene, IU, Jake, Jennie, Jeonghan, Jeongyeon, j-hope, Jihyo, Jimin, jin, Jisoo, Joohoney, Joy, JR, Jun, Jungkook, Junkyu, Kai, Kang Daniel, Kihyun, Kim Jaehwan, Kim Wooseok, Kim Yohan, LAY, Lee Daehwi, Lee Jinhyuk, Lee Know, Lisa, Mina, Mingyu, Minhyuk, Minhyun, Momo, Nam Dohyon, Nayeon, NI-KI, Onew, Ong Seongwu, Park Jeongwoo, Park, Jihoon, Park Woojin, Renjun, RM, ROSÉ, S.coups, Sana, Sehun, Seulgi, Shownu, Soodam, SUGA, Suho, Sunghoon, Sunoo, Taemin, The 8, Tzuyu, V, Wendy, Wonho, Wonwoo, WOODZ, Woozi, Xiumin, Yeri


CHOEAEDOL Celeb: Hong Ja, Hong Jiyoon, Hyun Bin, Jang Minho, Jeon Yujin, Jeong Dongwon, Ji Changwook, Kim Heejae, Kim Hojoong, Lee Chanwon, Lee Joongi, Lee Minho, Lim Youngwoong, Ong Seongwu, Park Jihoon, Park Seojin, Seo Inguk, Song Gain, Song Jihyo, Young Tak  

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