CHOEAEDOL 8.3.0 Update – Themed Pick Share Event

To Celebrate our new function Themed Pick in the 8.3.0 update, we are going to give out 20022 hearts to 10 lucky users each.

All you need to do is simple.

[🐯 How to participate]
From now to December 12
1) Go and vote in our “Best idol born in the year of tiger” Themed Pick
2) After voting, use the Share function and share our poll on Twitter, you must include the hashtag #Year_Of_The_Tiger_ThemedPick
3) That’s it

[🐯 Time]
Dec 6 to Dec 12

[🐯 Prize]
20022 Ever Hearts to 10 Lucky Users

[🐯 Announcement]
~ Dec 15

※ You will need to vote in the Themed Pick and you should also make sure you have included the hashtag (#Year_Of_The_Tiger_ThemedPick) on your share tweet
※ Winners would be announced with their Twitter handle
※ Prize would be handed out via in-app Ever Heart Coupons
※ Multiple submissions are accepted

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