CHOEAEDOL 8.2.0 New Feature Event – #ThisIsMyChoice

With the latest 8.2.0 update, we bring our users some new features. And we want our users to pick which one they like more.

The two main feature updates are Hot Trend and Emoticon.

Hot Trend is the latest feature we brought to our existing search function. Now when you start searching, you will be able to see the real-time top 10 search keywords. This allows our users to know the hottest and trendiest topics in K-Pop at any given time. If you see your idol on the Hot Trend, that, of course, means that your idol is super popular at the moment.

Emoticons are the latest gifts from our designers. As a few months ago, we have started featuring our official characters in our app. They have received a lot of praise from our users, and we are happy to know our users love them a lot. This time, we are bring our characters close to our users by providing our uses two sets of emoticons. You can now use these emoticons when making comments and chatting with friends.

And now we would like you to choose which one you like more, and 20 lucky users would be able to receive 5000 hearts.

All you need to do is simple.

1) Participate in our Twitter poll this weekend, pick the one feature you like the most. The poll will be available from Saturday to Sunday evening KST.


2) Show us you have voted by capturing the poll after you have voted, and on the screenshot, add your CHOEAEDOL ID on it
3) Post your screenshot (with your CHOEAEDOL ID on it) on the in-app Freeboard with the hashtag #ThisIsMyChoice. You will need to post your screenshot no later than Sunday 23:59 KST.
4) That’s it

We will pick 20 lucky users (don’t matter which features they choose) and they are going to receive 5000 hearts as gifts.

As usual one submission per one CHOEAEDOL id. You know the rules.

We hope our users would enjoy our new update. You can learn more about our update from the post on the in-app notice board.

Enjoy your weekend!

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