CHOEAEDOL/CHOEAEDOL Celeb 2021 Chuseok Event – #CatchTheLuckyRabbit

In Asian folklore and mythology, there is a saying of a rabbit living on the moon. Nowadays, of course, we know it is not true and the folklore is probably based on our ancestors’ imagination of the dark markings on the near side of the Moon.

You see, curiosity is our human nature, and our ancestors loved looking at the sky and imagine what was out there. They looked at the moon and thought, there must be something living on the big bright circle at night. And the imagination? A white hare pounding the ingredients for rice cakes.

If we know this background, the collective meaning between Chuseok and rabbit becomes obvious. We celebrate Churseok or similar festivals on August 15 on the Lunar calendar, and the 15th of every month is the time when the full moon is the brightest and biggest in the night sky. The rabbit and its mortar and pestle become so clear on that day.

And so, during the Chuseok weekend (September 18~19), we would also want you, our users, to find your Chuseok rabbit inside your favorite idols and celebs.

What you need to do is simple.

All you need to do is

1) Find a photo of your favorite idols/celebs that reassemble the cute moon rabbit the most. It can be a photo of them in a rabbit costume, wearing a rabbit ears hairband, or even just a cute-like-a-rabbit photo of them.

2) Post the photo on your own communities, with the hashtag #CatchTheLuckyRabbit

Pro Tip: Pick Free/Original so that you don’t break the banner

That’s it. That’s what you need to do.

We then are going to pick 50 lucky users from CHOEAEDOL and 50 from CHOEAEDOL Celeb , and they are going to receive 1500 of ever hearts as the prizes.

The list of the winners would be announced no later than the 29th of September as we are going to have a short summer vocation from September 18~26.

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