Hot August – August 2021

July and August are the hottest two months of the year in Korea, but we also bid farewell to summer in August. Students will say goodbye to their holiday, and, in Korea, usually office-workers and self-employed could enjoy a week of summer vacation too.Let enjoy this last month of this year’s summer by celebrating the birthdays and 100-day celebrations of your favorite K-Pop idols.

We start the month by celebrating Red Velvet’s 7th debut anniversary. Veteran idol Tiffany Young, who must be busy but also enjoying her time in musical Chicago, would celebrate her birthday on the same day. Coincidentally, Girl’s Generation would also celebrate their 14th debut anniversary. On the 7th, TREASURE and TREASURE MAKER would celebrate their first debut anniversary and look back to their fruitful first year together, and then look forward to Asahi’s birthday two weeks later.

We have an extremely busy second week of August. We celebrate the 5th anniversary of BLACKPINK, while WEKI MEKI will also enjoy their 4th debut anniversary on the same day. NCT also celebrates Mark, Xiaojun, and Jaemin’s birthdays in August, and particularly Xiaojun and Jaemin are going to celebrate theirs on that week. CLC is also going to celebrate Yeeun and Yujin’s birthday in the same week.

In that week we also see, for example, SF9 Jayyoon, ATEEZ Mingi, NU’EST Minhyun, VERIVERY Hoyoung, DREAMCATCHER SU A, SECRET NUMBER LEA, NIZIU Miihi, and TXT Hyeningkai’s birthdays. It is going to be a busy week, and we might see several Charity Fairys.

August 15 is the National Liberation Day of Korea and 16th has become a substitute holiday. On the 17th Winner will celebrate their 7th debut anniversary. LOONA fans Orbit are going to be a bit busy this week, as they will celebrate Haseul’s birthday and LOONA’s debut anniversary back to back.

GOLDENCHILD’s fandom Goldenness is going to celebrate Choi Bomin’s birthday and the group’s debut anniversary on the 24th and 28th respectively. Super Junior Yesung’s birthday is on the 24th, while (G)I-DLE Soyeon’s is on the 26th.

In the end, WEKI MEKI Lucy and P1HARMONY Intak’s birthdays would help us the round-up this month.

Let’s finish this year’s summer with a high. Don’t forget to log in to CHOEAEDOL every day, vote for your favorite idols, and enjoy K-Pop with fans around the world in our communities and chat rooms.

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