Congratulations Sehun of EXO, CHOEAEDOL’s 145th Charity Fairy, for becoming our Miracle of April 2021

May is the start of Summer, and we welcome the beginning of May by announcing our Miracle of April.

Miracle of the month is given to the idol who earn the most votes among all the idols who had their birthdays in the same month. On his birthday, April 12, Sehun has received a whooping 115,274,622 votes and become Miracle of April. Congratulations to Sehun and thank you to all EXO-Ls who have voted on that day.

Don’t forget to visit Sehun’s fan community by clicking here~

What is the miracle of the month?

Among all the idols who celebrate their birthdays in the same month, the idol who earned the most votes in CHOEAEDOL app would become the miracle of the month. Fans of that idols would participate in volunteer work with CHOEAEDOL by applying at the CHOEAEDOL event notice! This rule has been added since January 2020. (However, due to the Covid-19 we have substituted it with a billboard ad in the Seoul Subway, and for instance, here is the billboard ad in Seoul Subway for our Miracle of March (Xiumin of EXO)

And to celebrate our Miracle of April, we are currently collecting the design of Sehun’s subway billboard ad! For details, please visit the event board in CHOEAEDOL


As we all know, K-Pop without fans is nothing. In CHOEAEDOL, we are always doing our best to creative friendly and approachable communities specially design for K-Pop fans around the world to show their love and passion of their favourite idols and idol groups, and ultimately enjoy their time with their fellow K-Pop fans.

CHOEAEDOL is an Idol Ranking App where fans get to vote every day for the Idol rankings. You can vote hearts that is freely given every day or that you can earn through various routes (receiving from the CHOEAEDOL friends, posting some images or schedules of your idol, clicking surprise heart boxes, or etc.)

Apart of that, CHOEAEDOL also heavily involve in charity, by make donating on behalf of idols. CHOEAEDOL ‘s donation amount is now over 220 million KRW (200,000 USD). Come help your idol to reach the top and participate in a good cause at the same time.

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