TWICE Chaeyoung is CHOEAEDOL’s 149th Charity Fairy

Congratulations to TWICE Chaeyoung for being CHOEAEDOL’s 149th Charity Fairy. ONCEs, to celebrate Chaeyoung’s birthday on April 23, had voted Chaeyoung on our daily chart and helped her to top the chart on that day with 59,663,633 votes. This means Chaeyoung has become our latest Charity Fairy and thus, ₩500(USD $440) will be donated to MIRAL Welfare Foundation in the name of Chaeyoung, a Korean charity that comprehensively handles problems related to disabilities that may be revealed in a wide range of the social spectrum, including physical and mental disabilities. We would like to thank ONCEs for always participating in voting and congratulations to Chaeyoung as this is her first time becoming our Chairty Fairy.

You can visit Chaeyoung’s fan community in CHOEAEDOL by clicking here!

Below is Chaeyoung’s donation record. As mentioned above, this is Chaeyoung’s first time becoming our Charity Fairy. Congratulations.

The World of Tattoo

Last week, HanKookIlbo has published an article about the tattoo culture among idols. In the article, they have mentioned Chaeyoung as one of the examples, alongside BTS Jungkook, SNSD Taeyeon, MAMAMOO Hwasa, and more.

Currently, even though the younger generation in Korea sees Tattoo with an open mind, tattooing is technically illegal if it is performed by non-healthcare providers. However, this does not stop Korean from having tattoos, especially nowadays we see more and more idols and celebrities having their tattoos big and small.

And thanks to them, tattooing has become less of a taboo, but more of a personal statement, a way to express personal believes and identities.

Chaeyoung is one of the idols who never hide her love of tattoo, as she has once picked tattoo as the thing she wanted to do when she became an adult. For instance, she has a lip shape tattoo in red, her colour in TWICE, on her wrist.

Chaeyoung’s tattoos are mostly on the cute side. For example, tattoos of arrows shooting through hearts on her neck, and carrots and tomato tattoos on her left arm.

According to HanKookIlbo’s article, there are also rumours among fans about Chaeyoung is currently going for a tattoo in a considerable size, compared to those smaller tattoos she already has. There are also tattoos on her lower arm, forearm, and middle of her back. At the moment, Chaeyoung has not introduced those tattoos to her fans, but fans could see those tattoo when Chaeyoung is on stage.

So, what is Charity Fairy? and what is with the donation?

The title of Charity Fairy is given to the idol who received over 55,555,555 daily votes in CHOEAEDOL app during the whole month. Only the idols who have anniversaries (e.g. birthday, comeback and debut anniversary) during the month could challenge for the Charity Fairy title.

To honour the Charity Fairies, we donate 500k KRW in the name of the Charity Fairies. You will see the Donation Certificate within 2-3 weeks of the announcement on our Twitter.

Alongside that, Idol who became the Charity Fairy on his/her birthday who got the most votes among fairies at the same time get to be the ‘Miracle of the month’ Want to participate in the good deed? Join us and K-Pop fans around the world in CHOEAEDOL!

Who are we? What is CHOEAEDOL?

As we all know, K-Pop without fans is nothing. In CHOEAEDOL, we are always doing our best to creative friendly and approachable communities specially design for K-Pop fans around the world to show their love and passion of their favourite idols and idol groups, and ultimately enjoy their time with their fellow K-Pop fans.

CHOEAEDOL is an Idol Ranking App where fans get to vote every day for the Idol rankings. You can vote hearts that is freely given every day or that you can earn through various routes (receiving from the CHOEAEDOL friends, posting some images or schedules of your idol, clicking surprise heart boxes, or etc.)

Apart from that, CHOEAEDOL also heavily involved in charity, by make donating on behalf of idols. CHOEAEDOL ‘s donation amount is now over 220 million KRW (200,000 USD). Come rank your idol to a higher place and participate in the good action at the same time.

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