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Miracle of October! Kim Wooseok🎉

Kim Wooseok became the Miracle of the month! (which is an award given to the idol who got the most votes among those who had a birthday on the same month.) As you can see in the picture below, he got 225,719,763 votes on Oct 27(which was of course his birthday) and became the Miracle of the month! It is the first time Kim Wooseok became the Miracle of the month and he became 88th Charity Fairy!

Kim Wooseok also ranked 13th in the overall vote ranking in CHOEAEDOL.

You may see this ranking on our IN-APP menu —> Records —> TOP 100 of Most High Votes.

What is the miracle of the month?

Among the idols who has a birthday on the same month, the idol who has the most votes get to be the miracle of the month. Fans go volunteer work with CHOEAEDOL by applying for it from the CHOEAEDOL event notice! This rule has been added since January 2020. (However, now, due to the Corona- 19 crisis we are substituting it with billboard ad in the Seoul Subway.)

We are collecting the design of Kim Wooseok’s subway billboard ad!

Here is the billboard ad in the Seoul Subway for Miracle of September

Make your idol a miracle of the month now!

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