4 consecutive months! | TWICE Tzuyu ranks no.1 among K-pop girl idols again | The 58th CHOEAEDOL Charity Angel

Charity Angel of June 2020 is TzuyuNO.1 among girl idols.

TZUYU ranks No.1 among all girl idols on 2020! Again for the 4 consecutive months from March. From June 11 to July 10, Tzuyu got 2964 points and topped other idols easily like that! Before, it was always Tzuyu who used to get the angel but then suddenly Lee Chaeyeon got the throne for 10 months in a row. Until March. HOWEVER, Tzuyu managed to get back her Charity Angel throne in March. On June and July, Tzuyu faces another competitor Lisa of BLACKPINK.

Lisa of BLACKPINK got 2821 points and IU got 2771 points. Lee Chaeyeon and Nayeon of TWICE ranked on the 4th and the 5th, respectively.

Okay. What is Charity Angel?

Every day, after the voting time(until 23:30 KST), the rankings are arranged and the person who became the first in the daily rankings gets 100 points, and the second gets 99points, 98 for the third, and so on. All these points are accumulated for 30 days until the 10th of every month, the day before the Individual Charity Angel announcement. The person who gets the most votes becomes the Charity Angel of that month. When Charity Angels are settled and announced on every 11th of the month(for the individual idols, for groups its 16th), 500k KRW is donated to charity organizations. In a few days, Charity Angel for the groups will be announced. 

Donation history in CHOEAEDOL

Check out the Donation history. Tzuyu ranking the 5th on the list. The total charity donated in the name of Tzuyu is 12,000,000 won ($ 9,700.). She won the charity angel for 17 times and the charity fairy for 7 times. Congratulations. You! Tzuyu’s fan who’s watching this, can also participate in this good action. All you need to do is to enjoy CHOEAEDOL app with the fans gathered and vote every day.

Soribada popularity award voting period already start!

CHOEAEDAOL is SORIBADA Popularity Award official voting platform Winner’s selected based on votes, 100%!! You can vote for the ‘Boy/Girl Popularity Award’ in the ‘CHOEAEDOL’ app.

The voting period is from June 23 to August 2 and Soribada K-Music award will hold on August 13, 2020. K-MUSIC award with the best K-pop idol! Let your favorite idol get the trophy!

So…What is CHOEAEDOL? 

It is an Idol Ranking App where fans get to vote every day for the Idol rankings. You can vote hearts that is freely given every day or that you can earn through various routes(receiving from the CHOEAEDOL friends, posting some images or schedules of your idol, clicking surprise heart boxes, or etc.) 

Idol Ranking App CHOEAEDOL ‘s donation amount is now over 159 million KRW(130,000 USD). Come rank your idol to a higher place and participate in the good action at the same time. 

Now it’s time to make your Idol a Charity Angel!

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Tzuyu of TWICE community! 

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