Trot singer Lim Youngwoong ranks no.1 among Korean singers. The first CHOEAEDOL Celeb charity angel.

Trot singer Lim Youngwoong ranks no.1 among all Korean singers in CHOEAEDOL Celeb.

Lim Youngwoong ranks no.1 among all the Korean singers in CHOEAEDOL Celeb ranks. In CHOEAEDOL Celeb, there are 4 categories: actors, singers, entertainers, and overall. And during March 22 to April 20, 2020, Lim Youngwoong became the first among all singers. He earned 2764 points while the second in the same category got 2363 points. This is quite a huge gap, we could say.

What is Charity Angel?

Every day, after the voting time(until 23:30 KST), the rankings are arranged and the person who became the first in the daily rankings gets 100 points, and the second gets 99points, 98 for the third, and so on. All these points are accumulated for 30 days until the 10th of every month, the day before the Individual Charity Angel announcement. The person who gets the most votes becomes the Charity Angel of that month. When Charity Angels are settled and announced on every 11th of the month(for the individual idols, for groups its 16th), 500k KRW is donated to charity organizations. In a few days, Charity Angel for the groups will be announced. 

The rule is from our Kpop idol rankings app, CHOEAEDOL and it applies the same on the CHOEAEDOL Celeb. However, it is a one-time ‘Launching’ event for CHOEAEDOL Celeb.

500,000 ₩ (405$) is donated in the name of Lim Youngwoong.

500,000 amount of charity will be used to help the people in need due to the Corona-19 virus through the charity organization Miral Welfare Foundation. Congratulations to Lim Youngwoong!

So…What is CHOEAEDOL Celeb? 

It is an Korean Celeb Ranking App where fans get to vote every day for the celebrity rankings. Here, celeb can be divided into three categories: actors, singers, entertainers. You can vote hearts that is freely given every day or that you can earn through various routes.(receiving from the CHOEAEDOL friends, posting some images or schedules of your celeb, clicking surprise heart boxes, or etc.) 

Come rank your celeb higher every day! You may have participate in the good deed like donation.

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