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Miracle of March! Xiumin.

Xiumin became the Miracle of the month! (which is an award given to the idol who got the most votes among those who had a birthday on the same month.) As you can see in the picture below, Xiumin got 70,728,549 votes on March 26(which was of course his birthday) and became the Miracle of the month!

What is the miracle of the month?

Among the idols who has a birthday on the same month, the idol who has the most votes get to be the miracle of the month. Fans go volunteer work with CHOEAEDOL by applying for it from the CHOEAEDOL event notice! This rule has been added since January 2020.

Xiumin’s donation history!

Totaling 6,000,000won is donated so far in the name of Xiumin solo. Wow 🙂 congratulations to him. He’s done 6 charity angels, 5 fairies, and 1 miracle of the month until now.

For Xiumin, we are going to donate instead of going to volunteer work. This is of course because of the virus. But we are going to do it again as soon as the virus gets away. Check out the notice for further details.

Make your idol a miracle of the month now!

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