Mina becoming the charity fairy for the first time ever!

Mina becoming the charity fairy for the first time ever!

On November 27, Mina received 8,231,494 votes and became the Charity Fairy for the first time ever! Although she had become Charity angels/ Charity fairies numerous times as TWICE, it is meaningful that Mina won Charity Fairy on her own as an individual idol for the first time ever. We can say that this months’ competition over charity fairy was competition among TWICE members. While Mina being the first in the rankings, Jeongyeon of TWICE received 7,453,055 votes and became the second. Momo, who’s also in TWICE received 4,576,825 votes and became the thrid, following Jeongyeon. The fourth was Chaeyoung who had received 4,149,580 votes. Yay! TWICE!!

Congratulations to Mina! And congratulations to all ONCE who support Mina and TWICE.

Mina is currently in the 21st of the donation history list which is sorted by the cumulative charity donated in the name of idols. It was the first time for Mina so let’s see if she could rank herself higher!

Wait, what is Charity Fairy? and why is charity donated? ๐Ÿ”ฝ

The title of Charity Fairy is given to the idol who received the most daily votes in CHOEAEDOL app during the whole month. One Boy Group. one Girl Member, one Boy Member winners are selected, respectively.

To honor the Charity Fairies, we donate 500k KRW in the name of the Charity Fairies. You will see the Donation Certificate within 2-3 weeks of the announcement.ย 

Now itโ€™s time to make your Bias a Charity Fairy.

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