10 Dancing queen female idols! | Who’s got the best moves?| K-pop idol survey result of 18,000 K-pop fans!


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Today we brought a very interesting result that’s worth discussing about.

The result of the survey(CHOEAEDOL Pick) that we have done under the title ‘Who’s the best dancer?‘.

In this survey, we had over 18,000 K-pop fans participated.

(Voting more than twice was permitted but not in the same day.)

And are you excited to hear the result? Let’s go upwards from the 10th! 

10. Nayeon of TWICE (3003 votes)


You will know if you are ONCE(TWICE’s fandom) that Nayeon is actually good at dancing. She is in the ‘lead dancer’ position and ‘lead vocal’ position at the same time in the team. She actually started her trainee life with the audition held in JYP. She got a second-place there and began the journey to TWICE like that. Although we cannot say Nayeon is THE BEST dancer among other TWICE members(remember, we have momo too!) we can still say that she is talented in dancing. She has the ability to make the choreography herself and to understand the moves in her way. 

Check out Nayeon dancing ‘Valenti’ with other TWICE members. That the very last part where Nayeon shakes her arm to the air kills. You will find her talent for sure. 

Nayeon dancing @ Korea music festival, 180801

9. SinB of Girlfriend (3200 votes)


Girlfriend become famous through one video. It was a performance video of them singing ‘Me gustas tu(μ˜€λŠ˜λΆ€ν„° μš°λ¦¬λŠ”)’. The fact that they were dancing on the slippery stage and they fell down numerous times to finish the dance, made Girlfriend and the video go viral in Korea. And along with that the fact that they danced so synchronized was also shocking to the K-pop fans. It was like, ‘Who the hell is this group? They dance so well even in this horrible condition!’. And SinB is in the center of Gfriend dance as the main dancer

It is known that her dance is another level. This video below will explain everything. Mina Myoung, who appears with SinB in this video is one of the most popular choreographer in Korea. There is a article that Mina Myoung is saying that SinB is a very talented dancer and a fast learner at the same time.


SIN B X MINA MYOUNG cover ‘Sweet but psycho’

8. Yeji of ITZY (3455 votes)


Yeji debuted in a Korean audition program ‘The fan’.  She appeared as a JYP trainee that is capable of dancing and singing at the same time. Her moves got Korean audiences so amazed. Although she was only a 18 year old high school student, her voice was so stable while she’s dancing like a queen! The video below is the move that she showed in the audition program. Get ready to be amazed!

Yeji dancing in the song ‘New Rules’ in her audition program

7. Tzuyu of TWICE (3478 votes)


Tzuyu has very flexible and light dance moves.

Park Namjung(1966~, Korean singer)

Like Park Namjung once mentioned when he appeared in the radio, Tzuyu definitely has a very flexible and beautiful moves. It is known that Tzuyu liked dancing since she was very young and she used to go to dance school before she became a JYP trainee. The video under is the dance that JYP casting directors actually watched and made a decision to meet Tzuyu in person. We could see her passion in this video.

Tzuyu dancing in 2012 right before she became the JYP trainee.

6. Lisa of BLACKPINK (3704 votes)


Lisa has the ‘main dancer’ position in her group, Black Pink. Because Lisa is taller than other members in the group and due to her long legs and arms, her dance moves are quite outstanding on the stage. You can see her passion for dancing in the fact that Lisa used to be in a dance crew called WZE(WEE ZAA COOL) when she was very young before she became the YG trainee(and Bambam of Got7 was here too!). Check out how powerful her moves are even though she was very young by then.

Lisa when she was in a dance crew.

And she’s also known for memorizing the choreography very fast. Even her nickname is a ‘Dance super computer’. Must watch this.

Lisa memorizing all the dance moves on sight.

5. Seulgi of Red Velvet (3860 votes)


She is one of the 3 best dancers in SM.

BOA(1986~, Korean Singer)

And here goes another main dancer of the group! It is Seulgi. She is known for singing so stable while dancing so amazingly. She even made a project group with SinB of Gfriend, Chungha, and Soyeon of (G)Idle. And except for Soyeon, 3 of the members of this project group are in this list! So we GOT TO watch them dancing.

And check out this dance that she did with Taemin in the SMTOWN concert. It’s LEGENDARY. She’s very good at this kind of powerful dances.

4. Chaeryeong (3876 votes)


Here it is one and only dancing queen sisters in the K-pop world. Chaeryeong of ITZY and Lee Chaeyeon of IZ*ONE are actual sisters. They first appeared in the Korean audition program called ‘Kpop Star season3’. She has the main dancer position with Yeji in her group ITZY now. While other member Yeji is great at powerful dnaces, Chaeryeong is relatively known for the flexible and fairy-like light moves. Let’s check out her moves in the audition program first.

Chaeryeong & Chaeyeon in their first TV show. (Chaeyeon from 6:05~)
Chaeryeong dancing ‘ICY’. How cute!

3. Chungha (4018 votes)


Chungha is one of the successful female solos in K-pop world. While there are a lot of boy and girl groups in the idol world, female solo is very rare, and also not easy to be successful widely to the public. But Chungha is one of them. She first appeared to the public in the audition program ‘Produce 101 season 1’ and she got to debut by being in the top 11 members in the end. She was known for her dance moves from the start. She can dance under whichever song that she hears on sight. Watch her dancing below!

Chungha’s freestyle dancing.
Chungha’s dance compilation.

2. Momo of TWICE (4232 votes)


2nd is Momo of TWICE. Even her nick name is ‘DancingMOchine’. She’s usually in charge of dance breaks and performances on the stage. She went to dance studio since she was 3 years old. After JYP casting directors saw her video dancing, she auditioned for JYP and became the trainee.

Momo dance compilation!

And she was in a program called ‘hit the stage’ and showed her moves once again, proving she’s a dance queen. This was in 2016, which was right after she debuted so we can see her talent was just innate.

Momo dancing in ‘Hit the stage’.

1. Chaeyeon of IZ*ONE (5470 votes)


Finally! The No.1 spot goes to Chaeyeon. 🌹 As we mentioned above in her sister(Chaeryong)’s paragraph, she is known as one of the best dancers in K-pop world. Like her sister, she is also good at flexible and light dance moves, making the nickname of herself as ‘feather chaeyeon’ which means that she dances so light as a feather.

Feather chaeyeon

While her sister debuted in JYP, Chayeon challenged herself in the audition program ‘Produce 48’ and succeeded to debut, becoming the only idol sisters that are in different groups in the current K-pop world.

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Full result on the rankings. ‘Who’s the best dancer?’.

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